Bank Nagari

Regional Development Bank of West Sumatra was officially established on March 12, 1962 under the name "PT Bank West Sumatra Regional Development" which was passed through a notary deed Hasan Qalbi in Padang. The establishment was spearheaded by the local government and community leaders and prominent private entrepreneurs in West Sumatra on rationale for the need for a financial institution in the form of the Bank, which specifically assist the government in implementing development in the region.

Ratified by Decree of the First Deputy Minister for Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No.. BUM/9-44/II about the business license of PT. Regional Development Bank of West Sumatra, and began operations of PT. Regional Development Banks to the position of West Sumatra, Padang.

Under Act 13 of the Basic Provisions of Regional Development Banks, the legal basis for the Regional Development Bank of West Sumatra is replaced by the Regulation Provinces Province of West Sumatra No.. 4. So PT. Regional Development Bank of West Sumatra changed to "West Sumatra Regional Development Banks".

In his journey in 1996 through the Local Government. 2 / 1996 adopted the mention of the name (Call Name) as the "Bank Nagari" with a view to better known, build brand image as well mengimpresikan order system of government in West Sumatra.

In accordance with the development and for more flexibility in running the business, dated August 16, 2006 berdasrkan Provincial Regulation No. western Sumatra. 3 of 2006, form the legal entity of West Sumatra Regional Development Banks transformed from regional into Limited Liability Company, established under the Deed of Incorporation of the Company No. 1 On February 1, 2007 before Notary H. Final Hendri, SH and approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia by Decree No. W3-00 074-TH.2007 HT.01.01 April 4, 2007 The Bank Nagari has existed as a foreign exchange bank and already have Sharia. Bank Nagari is also a Regional Development Bank opens first branch office in the Outer Region.

PT. BPD West Sumatra
Jl. Pemuda No 21
Padang 25,117
West Sumatra
Tel. (0751) 31 577,
Fax. (0751) 37749.31491
PO Box: 111

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