Universitas Andalas

Andalas University (Unand) is a public university in Padang, Indonesia, which stood on December 23, 1955. Rector of Andalas University since 2006 is Prof.. Dr. Musliar Kasim.

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* 2 Graduate
2.1 S-2 Program
2.2 Education Program Specialist I
2.3 S-3 Program
* 3 Campus
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3.2 Main Facilities
3.3 Supporting facilities
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Andalas University which is the best university outside of Java (version of the magazine Tempo). Currently, Unand has 11 faculty for the graduate program, two polytechnics and a graduate faculty, namely:

1. Faculty of Agriculture
1. Department of Agribusiness (B accreditation)
2. Department Agroekoteknologi (accreditation A)
2. Faculty of Agricultural Technology
1. Department of Agricultural Technology (accreditation B)
2. Department of Agriculture (accredited B)
3. Faculty of Medicine
1. General Practitioner Education Program (accreditation A)
2. Nursing Science Program
3. Community Health Science Program (accreditation C)
4. Educational Studies Program Dentists
5. Psychology Study Program
4. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
1. Department of Chemistry (accreditation A)
2. Department of Mathematics (B accreditation)
3. Physics Department (accreditation B)
4. Department of Computer Systems
5. Department of Biology (accreditation A)
5. Faculty of Pharmacy
1. Regular Pharmacy Program (accreditation A)
2. Extension Program Pharmacy
6. Faculty of Law
1. Regular Legal Studies Program (accreditation A)
2. Legal Studies Program Extension
7. Faculty of Economics
1. S-1 Regular Program
1. Department of Economic Development (accreditation A)
2. Department of Management (accreditation A)
3. Accounting Department (accreditation A)
2. Program S-1 International
3. S-1 Program Extension
4. Diploma Program 3
1. 3 Regular Diploma Program
1. Marketing Study Program
2. Accounting Study Program
3. Secretariat & Management Studies Program Office
4. Perbankkan Finance Study Program
5. Study Program State & Local Finance
2. 3 Diploma Program Extension
1. Marketing Study Program
2. Accounting Study Program
3. Secretariat & Management Studies Program Office
4. Perbankkan Finance Study Program
5. Study Program State & Local Finance
8. Faculty of Animal Husbandry
1. Science farms (accreditation A)
9. Faculty of Letters
1. Department of History (accreditation A)
2. Majoring in English Literature (accreditation A)
3. Indonesian Literature (accreditation A)
4. Department of Japanese Literature
5. Literature majors Minangkabau (accreditation B)
10. Faculty of Engineering
1. Department of Industrial Engineering (B accreditation)
2. Department of Electrical Engineering (accreditation B)
3. Department of Mechanical Engineering (accreditation A)
4. Environmental Engineering Department (B accreditation)
5. Department of Civil Engineering (B accreditation)
6. Department of Information Systems
11. Faculty of Social and Political
1. Department of Political Science (accreditation B)
2. Department of Sociology (B accreditation)
3. Department of Social Anthropology (accreditation A)
4. State Administration Department
5. International Relations Studies Program
6. Department of Communication
12. Polytechnic
1. Program D III
2. IV D program
13. Politani
1. Program D III

1. Biology Study Program (accreditation Superior)
2. Chemical Studies Program (accreditation Superior)
3. Math Study Program
4. Physics Study Program
5. Pharmaceutical Studies Program (accreditation B)
6. Biomedical Studies Program
7. Community Health Studies Program
8. Development Planning Study Program (accreditation B)
9. Programs of Regional and Rural Development Studies (accreditation B)
10. Studies Program Legal Studies (B accreditation)
11. Program Master of Notary
12. Animal Sciences Studies Program (accreditation Superior)
13. Soil Science Study Program (accreditation Superior)
14. Science Program of Plant Pests and Diseases (accreditation Superior)
15. Agriculture Studies Program (accreditation Superior)
16. Agronomy Study Program (accreditation Superior)
17. Environmental Science Program
18. Agricultural Technology Studies Program (accreditation B)
19. Studies Program Integrated Natural Resources Management
20. Linguistics Science Cultural Studies Program
21. Studies Program of Food Security and Nutrition
22. POLOKDA Studies Program
23. Mechanical Engineering Study Program
24. Civil Engineering Program
25. Management Master Program (accreditation B)
26. Mechanical Engineering Study Program
27. Science Studies Program History
28. Sociology Study Program
29. Master of Accounting Program
30. Development Studies Program of Housing and Settlements
31. Study Program of Agricultural Economics

Education Program Specialist I

1. Surgery
2. Pediatrics
3. Health Sciences Ear Nose Throat Head Neck Surgery (ENT-KL)
4. Medicine
5. Dermatology
6. Eye
7. Neurology
8. Obstetrics and Gynecology
9. Anatomical Pathology
10. Clinical Pathology
11. Pulmonology

Program S-3

1. Biomedical Sciences Studies Program
2. Agronomy Study Program
3. Soil Science Studies Program
4. Chemical Sciences Studies Program
5. Biology Study Program
6. Animal Science Program
7. Science Program of Plant Pests and Diseases
8. Science Program of Agricultural Development
9. Program in Economics
10. Legal Studies Program


Unand has learning sites at Limau Manis Campus 500 acres, Teak Campus 10,073 m2 and 28,000 m2 Campus Faculty of Medicine.

Main Facility

* Laboratory of Basic and a number of laboratories equipped and modern in their respective faculties / departments
* Educational Hospital (Dr M. Djamil)
* Central Library and several libraries are scattered in each Faculty / Department
* Laboratory biota of Sumatra
* Botanical Gardens Andalas
* Forest Biology Education and Research
* Land Ranch
* Wetland Research
* Medicinal Plants Garden (Arboretum)
* Computing Laboratory
* Etc.

Support Facilities

* Building Student Activity Center (PKM)
* Student Dormitory
* Auditorium with a capacity of 8000 audience and the Civil Convention Center

* Masjid Nurul Ilmi Unand and mosque in the respective faculties / departments
* Sports Facilities
o Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Rock Climbing, Football, etc.
* Bank, ATM, and Post Office
o BNI, Bank Mandiri, Bank Nagari
* Bus Campus, Pujasera, Minimarket
* Facilities Internet Hotspot

Research Institutes

Research Institute of Andalas University, Rectorate Unand Lt. 2, Campus Unand Limau Manis, Padang. Phone: (0751) 72 645, Fax: (0751) 72 645 consists of:

1. Research Institute of Economy, comprising:
1. Center for Financial Studies (PSKD)
2. Regional Economic Research Institute (LPER)
3. Economics and Development Research Institute (LPEP)
4. Population Studies Center
5. Development Center Accounting (PPA)
6. Center for the Study of Human Resource Development (PSPSDM)
7. Center for Women's Studies
2. Research Institute for Agriculture and livestock, comprising:
1. Center for Irrigation
2. Utilization Research Center for Nuclear Science and Technology
3. Forestry Research Center
4. Animal Development Research Centre and Cattle
3. Research Institute of Cultural Affairs and the Community, consists of:
1. Center for the Study of Regional Autonomy
2. Center for Social Development and Cultural Change
3. Culture and Society Studies Center for Minangkabau
4. Western Regional Center for Legal Studies
5. Center for Constitutional Studies (Pusako) in FH Unand, chaired by Prof. Dr. Saldi Isra
6. Center for Rural Studies
7. Centre for Urban Problems
8. Center for American Studies
9. Center for the Study of Science, Technology and Culture Japan
4. Research Institute of Natural Resources and Environment, consists of:
1. Center for Environmental Studies
2. Centre for Natural Resources
3. Sumatra Nature Study Center
5. Research Institute for Health Sector
1. Plant Studies Center for Drug
2. Center for Health Studies

Entire data center empties into the ICT UNAND, Fl. 1 UNAND Central Library Building.


Unand students come from various regions such as West Sumatra, Aceh, Riau, North Sumatra, Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Lampung, Jambi, Riau Islands, Jakarta, West Java, Banten, etc.. In addition, there are foreign students in Unand (Malaysia) are studying there, especially in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Pharmacy


* Tuition for Students Indonesia (Joint Entrance Examination and SNMPTN / excluding Self Exam)
o Students S1 and D3
+ Old Students: SPP Rp. Persemester 750,000 (not including the cost of bus transportation campus, dormitories)
+ New Students: SPP Rp. Persemester 750,000 (not including the Education Development Contribution fee, bus transportation campus, dormitories, ICT and drug tests)
o Post-Graduate Students
+ Depending on the courses taken
* Tuition for Foreign Students
o Students S1 and D3
+ Depending on the courses taken


Scholarship ethos Wallet Duafa Republika, PT. Semen Gresik, Eka Tjipta Scholarship Foundation, PPA, L'oreal, etc. The work Salemba Four.

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