Bandara International Minangkabau (BIM)

Bandara International Minangkabau (BIM) or Minangkabau International Airport (IATA code: PDG ICAO code: WIPT) abbreviated BIM is an airport which serves flights to and from the city of Padang, West Sumatra province, Indonesia. The airport is located in the area Ketaping, Padang Pariaman district and is approximately 19 miles from the center of Padang. The airport was built with Minangkabau architecture and has a runway over 2750 meters.

The airport began to operate fully on July 22, 2005 replaces the Tabing Airport.

The airport has a total area of ​​27.4 km ², with one runway (runway), by having one terminal building for international and domestic flights. The airport is named according to the name Minangkabau tribe that inhabited the province, and is the first airport in the world that has the name of a tribe or ethnicity.

Supporting facilities are all using the name and the term Minang and passenger terminal building is the largest building in Indonesia with Minangkabau architecture.

Minangkabau International Airport is located 23 miles from the center of the city of Padang, occupying a land area of ​​427 ± acres as the main gate of West Sumatra. This airport was built in 2001 replacing the Tabing Airport which has been operating for 34 years. The transfer Tabing Airport to Minangkabau International Airport because it no longer meets the requirements in terms of flight safety.

The number of airlines serving routes to and from Minangkabau International Airport as the airport Tabing connecting Padang to Jakarta, Medan, Batam and Pekanbaru for domestic, whereas for air transport services to the offshore (international), namely Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Until now there were ten national airlines and two foreign airlines operating in the Minangkabau International Airport. Minangkabau International Airport can accommodate wide-bodied aircraft like A 330 or MD 11 and completeness of the facilities are much different to be more exciting Tabing Airport aviation activity at this airport.


    * AirAsia (Kuala Lumpur)
    * Batavia Air
    * Garuda Indonesia
    * Indonesia AirAsia
    * Lion Air
    * Mandala Airlines
    * Merpati Nusantara Airlines
    * Sriwijaya Air
    * Tiger Airways (Singapura)
    * PAL Express
    * Wings Air

Minangkabau Internasional Airport
Telepon : (0751) 819123
 Faksimili : (0751) 819040
 E-mail : ap2_pdg@angkasapura2.co.id

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